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He sold his soul to survive Auschwitz.

Now he’s taking it back!

A Damaged Mirror is an exploration of the boundaries between right and wrong, choices and choicelessness, and the consequences of crossing those boundaries. It challenges notions of black and white, and calls into question the sovereignty of death itself.

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A Damaged Mirror: A story of memory and redemption

A Damaged Mirror: Excerpt

Six decades ago he sold his soul to survive Birkenau. Now, he’s ready to win it back. How far will he go to attain forgiveness?

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Wire Leaf

A Story of Memory and Redemption

He can’t speak of what he was forced to do to survive the horrors of Birkenau. She is haunted by a memory of something she could not have lived. Together, they must unlock the gates of memory and face unspeakable horror, to find the hope that lies beyond despair.

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A Damaged Mirror: Reader’s guide

How do we come to terms with the past? What is responsibility? What choice do we have when all choices are taken from us? How can we accept the unacceptable, and still be who we were? Even if others are willing to forgive, how can we forgive yourselves? How can we know we are truly forgiven?

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Moral Dilemmas in the Holocaust: Discussion topics

A Damaged Mirror explores some very difficult questions, among them questions of when death becomes a moral obligation. This page looks at some of these questions through the eyes of Halakhah (Jewish Law).

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